Advanced Staining: Optimal only

Is it an art or a science?


Advanced Staining

Advanced Staining has become more and more complex over the decades. The growing demand for more specific diagnosis and sub diagnosis increased the need for quality staining. During this time there has also been a growing number of cases, and stricter government regulations, while labs are struggling to find experienced staff. To overcome these challenges, the industry developed; and allowed many variables and possibilities which offer great flexibility. Creating many solutions, with different combinations also lead to a lot of subjectivity in order to achieve the correct staining.


This has led to the current situation of 1:5 slides simply not being good enough to make a correct diagnosis.

NordiQC, Institute of Pathology Department of Clinical Medicine, Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark
Advanced Staining

Optimal only - Make it simple.

Back to the essence

IHC is identifying the right protein in the right amount, in the right location, in the correct tissue. It sounds simple, but getting the right answers is not as easy. That’s why we’ve developed a solution to provide the proven optimal only slide. A slide you can rely on to enable you to make the best diagnosis possible.

It’s our goal and mission to grasp the essence of IHC and turn it into a standard we all respect and understand. We want to prove that you can create IHC slides stunningly easy. Enabling that optimal result.


Imagine that every slide is exactly what you need to make a confident diagnosis, every time.



  • confidence in every slide to make the right diagnosis
  • a solution where you can load any slide, any biomarker, at any time on any station
  • predictable case turnaround time
  • digital online support through Genie Online
  • control of your daily workflow
  • control of your inventory management

Welcome to our next generation advanced staining system

Discover how Tissue-Tek Genie can provide optimal slides with the same turnaround time, using a standard protocol.



Comply with new regulations keeping the patients in focus.

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