The helping hand in your laboratory, enabling you to truly make a difference.

The cooperative robot empowers your lab technicians and takes over repetitive, unnecessary tasks

This instrument provides you with a single point of contact and an optimised workflow. With auto transferring between the Tissue-Tek Xpress® x120 rapid tissue processor and the Tissue-Tek AutoTEC® a120 automated embedder, SmartConnect lets you know where your tissue samples are and that they are safe.


Optimise your workflow

Standardised, continuous flow from processing until embedding, without human interruption.


Single point of contact

Simply load the grossed tissue and unload the embedded blocks ready for sectioning.


Track & Trace

Enables you to track and trace the tissue at any moment, minimising the risk of loss of blocks or cassettes.


Automated embedding of conventionally processed tissue

The system enables you to load conventionally processed tissue into the transfer area at any time.

How it really works

Automate processing up to microtomy

No need for you to interrupt your skilled work to operate the Sakura instruments. Put your focus on more valuable tasks, leading to higher productivity, better quality and fewer errors.
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    After the Xpress x120 has loaded via SmartConnect, the automated tissue processing starts

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    After processing in the x120, SmartConnect autonomously transfers the magazines to the a120 embedder

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    The AutoTEC a120 will embed the cassettes automatically after SmartConnect has loaded them

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    In the end, SmartConnect provides standardised, embedded, high-quality blocks ready for microtomy

Tissue-Tek SmartConnect®


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