Safe storage

Ensure the safe storage of your slides cassettes with our wide range of archiving solutions.

Secure storage at its best

Permanent management for your samples

The Tissue-Tek® Lab Aid® Ultra™ offers storage of maximum 96,000 slides or 22,000 blocks, or a combination if both the slides and blocks are stored in the same cabinet. When you need to archive all different sizes of slides, the Tissue-Tek® Lab Aid® filing cabinet system is your solution. It’s specially designed for slides from 26 x 76 mm to 76 x 50 mm.

The Tissue-Tek® Uni-Cassette® Filing System gives you secure and permanent storage of your blocks. Store your tissue samples securely with the Tissue-Tek Cabinets. They enable you to keep your archived materials manageable. Case after case, slide after slide.


Tissue-Tek® Lab Aid® Ultra™ II Cabinets


Tissue-Tek® Lab Aid® Filing Cabinet System


Tissue-Tek® Uni-Cassette® Filing Cabinets

Filing Cabinet System

Tissue-Tek® Lab Aid®

  • 14

    the number of drawers each section contains to hold transparencies or microscopic slides.

  • 465

    the number of slides per drawer that can be stored and archived conveniently.

  • 0.23

    the square metres of floor space needed for a cabinet system, limiting your need for archive space.


Tissue-Tek® Lab Aid® Ultra™ II

Large capacity storage unit for securing slides and blocks (cassettes), equipped with locking feature. The dimension of the cabinet is: W x D x H 595 x 713 x 1100 mm.
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    A maximum of 96,000 slides can be stored in 1 cabinet

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    A maximum of 22,000 blocks can be stored in 1 cabinet

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    A combination of cassettes and blocks can be stored simultaneously, saving you valuable floor space

Tissue-Tek® Uni-Cassette® Filing Cabinets

The filing cabinets are stackable and accommodate 1,500 blocks (cassettes). One-piece construction eliminates hinges and doors and provides dust-free storage. Included are six impact-resistant plastic drawers with identification area.