29 March 2022

 “The global Sakura Group of companies stands with the people of Ukraine. We are deeply shocked by the war; it has a heartbreaking impact on lives and international stability and security. We take our responsibility for accurate cancer diagnostics worldwide very seriously but felt obliged to cease all our activities in Russia when the invasion started end of February. We strongly hope for a swift resolution by our world leaders and an end to this war.” 

Chris Koeman, president of Sakura Finetek Europe


The Sakura Group donated €100,000 to charities related to the Ukraine war. This to make our contribution towards condemning this war. €50,000 was donated through Giro555, a group of 11 aid organisations that came together and started a campaign for the victims of the war in Ukraine. All the proceeds go towards clean water, shelter, and medical supplies. The other €50,000 was donated through the "Ukrainian Humanitarian Crisis Relief Fund" initiative by the "Japanese Red Cross Society". It is a special corporation established under the Japanese Red Cross Law.

03 March 2022

Dear reader,

The situation between Russia and Ukraine escalated last week into a war. Russia invaded Ukraine, and Sakura strongly condemns this invasion. EU and US governments and other world leaders united in severe sanctions against Russia. Sakura is also not an exception.

Last week, in immediate reaction to the invasion, we had blocked the impacted accounts of our distributors. This means that all financial and supply chain transactions will not take place. We also want to highlight that our distributor in Russia strongly condemns the invasion. Some other countries are served through our Russian distributor and hence is automatically impacted as well.

Our hearts and prayers are with the people of Ukraine, and we sincerely hope that this war will stop as soon as possible.

Chris Koeman, president of Sakura Finetek Europe

If you want to donate but don't know how and where to contribute, hereunder is a list of organisations:

Red Cross Ukraine
The Come Back Alive Fund
Ukraine Armed Forces
Nova Ukraine