Sakura Bridge

Implementation consultancy service

Connecting professionals and technology

Lab technicians support changes in the lab. They feel better, healthier and happier with the newly implemented solutions.

Antonio Martinez, MD, PhD Head Department of Pathology, Hospital Clinic Barcelona
Sakura Bridge

Where professionals meet technology

Benefits of Bridge


Achieve your goals

Bridge provides a set of services guiding you through the steps of preparation, implementation, and sustainment to achieve your own unique goals.


Get optimal results

You need optimal results to provide optimal service. This is essential for your team, but most of all, for your patients.


Maximise utilisation

Right from the start we want you and your new SMART Automation technology to work together with confidence. This is the key to maximise utilisation.


Optimising the workflow

Understanding your needs and defining how our technology combined with Sakura Bridge services can realise your vision.


Connecting professionals with technology

Your laboratory professionals are on board with the change and satisfied with the new situation.


Sustaining optimal utilisation

Ensuring the maximal use of our technology to prepare your laboratory for the future.

It starts here

You make the change, but we're there all the way.