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At Sakura Finetek we believe that customer support and quality go further than a mere telephone call. Because of our years of expertise and knowledge sharing, we understand your laboratory’s needs, and that your equipment has to remain in excellent working order with maximum uptime. Whether it’s an upgrade, repair or request for support on your equipment, we have a reliable network of application specialists and field service engineers who will lay out and discuss with you all options. To help you find a fast, effective and efficient solution that works well within your laboratory.

Our experienced customer support professionals provide you with not only high-quality installations and support, we also ensure that our detailed certification information and data sheets are easy to access. At Sakura Finetek we have remained diligent about obtaining and keeping our ISO 9001 certification status, proof that our Quality Management System goes above and beyond. It’s our aim to continuously strengthen and improve our company’s structure by providing you with the right documentation, certification information and safety data sheets. Whenever you need them, wherever you are.

Safety Data Sheets

For dangerous goods you can obtain a Safety Data Sheet (SDS). These SDS documents are offered to you in multiple languages. Please enter the 4-digit item code and click search, below. If the document you're looking for is not available, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Real-time monitoring provides confidence and security

We live in a connected world where many people enjoy online services. Our Tissue-Tek® iSupport system utilises a suite of tools that allows our highly trained and certified Technical Service staff to exclusively and securely access your instruments remotely. 
This connection allows us to monitor your valuable Sakura instruments and provide you with fast and efficient service, without the need to schedule an on-site visit. This results in maximised uptime and operational continuity without interrupting your day-to-day process.

Safe and Secure
We believe security and data protection is critical. Tissue-Tek iSupport utilises the same technology that is used today in highly secure environments such as government, banking, health care and several other manufacturing environments. 
It has been designed to leverage the power of the internet while ensuring that the data handled by the system is protected. As new security standards and practices continue to evolve, Sakura has incorporated them into the Tissue-Tek iSupport system.

Tissue-Tek iSupport offers you:

  • Remote service ensuring maximised uptime
  • Proactive support
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Secured data

More features and enhancements will be added to the Tissue-Tek iSupport system in the near future, such as automated consumable replenishment, management reports and remote on-screen help functions.
Please ask your local Sakura representative for availability of Tissue-Tek iSupport and the unique features for your Sakura instrument.

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When you invest in Sakura Finetek instruments, you expect quality support, minimal downtime and quick, reliable service which is critical to you, your laboratory and your patients. You can depend on our reliable network of application specialists and field service engineers to help you find a fast, effective and efficient solution.

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