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Time to wake up

Today's situation is not future-proof. Worldwide, 19.3 million new cancer cases were recorded in 2020. There remains a shortage of staff and accreditation programs, and a lack of standardisation and quality care.

The Patient

How can we optimise the patient journey and improve cancer diagnostics, together? By standardising protocols, you get the high quality results and give a certain diagnosis.

The Pathology Professional

How do you ensure your lab is running optimally, and is utilising its full potential?

The Visionary

Things change. Industries evolve. How do you determine what technologies you'll need in the future?

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Let me be your helping hand

Smart Autonomous Robotic Assistant: the helping hand for histopathology. With rising pressures on labs, automation allows you to focus on work that truly matters.

SMART Automation

The SMART way for the best results

SMART Automation is designed to automate manual work and to create an efficient flow of work through your lab. Consistent results and a reduction in rework.