A helping hand in your laboratory

With an increasing rise in the number of cancer cases, we see laboratories working as hard as they can to deal with cases in the limited time they have.

We believe labs can use all the help they can get so they can work on what truly matters.

SARA Smart Autonomous Robotic Assistant


Imagine a lab with no repetitive work

Say hello to your brand-new team member, SARA, our Smart Autonomous Robotic Assistant. She contributes to SMART Automation by further automating your manual work and creating an efficient flow in your lab.

The power of small batches

SMART Automation

SMART Automation is designed to automate manual work and to create an efficient flow of work through your lab.

Tissue-Tek SmartConnect®

Automated transfer system

Imagine the possibilities when you load cassettes with grossed tissue into the SmartConnect and unload embedded blocks. Save valuable time and focus on what matters most.

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